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Our Basic Pistol Courses

Our certified instructors have a strong passion for what they teach. They encourage you to share their enthusiasm for responsible gun ownership.

Our Instructors are NRA Certified, and follow the guidelines set by the State of Ohio & Michigan. Our course is superior to those currently being offered by the others, due to our shooting expertise, prior years of teaching experience, and our Focus on Safety. We have taught over 1000 students.


Who We Are

Corey Russell

Corey has twenty years of law enforcement experience. The last eighteen years has been at a major police department in Northwest Ohio; serving in the following areas: Patrol operations (eleven years), SWAT six years as a sergeant/team leader on a full time SWAT unit. Corey was responsible for the SWAT unit’s patrol rifle training. Currently Corey is serving as Range Master he is responsible for the entire police department’s firearms training. Corey was certified by the State of Ohio in 2008 to give firearms instruction. He is certified to train students on the following weapons: revolver, pistol, shotgun, semi-auto rifle, and sub machine gun. In addition to training law enforcement he has been certifying students for concealed carry licenses beginning with the creation of C&R Concealed Class in 2012. In 2015 Corey became the head firearms instructor at a nationally recognized local zoo. From 1997 to 2006 Corey shot competitively in the following disciplines: high power rifle, PPC pistol and revolver, small bore rifle.

Rick Montgomery

Rick is a National Riffle Association Certified Instructor and Range Safety Officer, OPOTA Certified and a State Licensed Private Investigator. He has been an avid shooter and gun enthusiast for more than 22 years. Rick has competed in many International Defensive Pistol Association Tournaments. He has held a conceal carry license since 2004, and has taught martial arts for over 17 years.


Q: I do not own a gun, can I still take the class?
A: Yes, Please let the instructor know prior to the class and one can be made available to you. Gun rental is $20 when purchased with your seat in the class or $30 on the day of class if we have any available. You will also have to purchase the ammo for the gun.

Q: I do not have any hand gun experience can I still take the class?
A: You may take the class if you do not own a firearm or have any shooting experience. You will be taught basic shooting fundamentals and firearm safety. Upon completion of the basic pistol class you will possess the skills necessary to safely handle a firearm. We still recommend that you further your education and training by taking one of our other advanced classes.

Q: Once I have taken the class will I automatically get my conceal carry license?
A: Upon completion of the basic pistol class you will be given the application to fill out and present to the County Sheriff for a proper back ground check before the license is issued.